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There a neat little article at CNN.com which highlights great states and cities with great breweries.   Although the article does make it seem like Foothills Brewing is in Asheville (it is in Winston Salem), I find the closing quote a good summation of my own thoughts about great beer and why it is so interesting and worth the time and travel to seek out.

“Beer is a social drink, and beer people love to talk about the beer,” he said. “You can find a local or savvy visitor who can tell you about something you’ve never heard of, and that makes it a phenomenal experience.”

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If you live in NC, now would be a great time to write a letter to the Guvnah  Bev Purdue, your NC House Rep, and your NC State Senator about next years budget.  I wrote an email to each of the three and if you care about keeping the fledgling NC brewing industry alive and striving you should too.  Or, if you realize imposing taxes to influence choices over what a governor or legislator might call a “sin” is completely wrong then go ahead and make your voice heard. 

Daniel Bradford of All About Beer has summed things up in 5 points:

  1. Beer and wine lovers are not “sinners,” nor we did not cause the recession, and we should not be singled out as a solution.
  2. Many of the 100 North Carolina micro breweries and wineries could be put out of business with a tax increase.
  3. North Carolina has 6th highest beer tax in the country and the 16th highest on wine.
  4. North Carolina beer and wine taxes currently contributes close to $3 billion.
  5. North Carolina already generates more beverage tax than more populous New York state!

We currently pay more taxes for beer than almost all other states in our nation.  Please join the fight and make your voice heard doing three things:

1. Post a comment to Bev Purdue on the Governor’s website at: www.governor.state.nc.us  Just click on the contact us link and enter a comment with your thoughts on why the budget should not include a tax increase on beer.

2. Go to www.ncleg.net and find your local representatives through the search engine on the right column.  If you don’t know your full 8 digit zip, then look it up on the link below the search bar.  Then, write your representatives a letter.

3.  Finally, if you are lazy you can to go www.stopthencbeertax.com, fill in your info, and an automatic email will be sent on your behalf.

The NC House and Senate meet on Monday so this is prime time to let your thoughts be known.

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So our beloved Carolina Hurricanes are in the Eastern Conference Finals against Pittsburgh Penguins.  In previous years, Raleigh Mayor Charles Meeker has put up bets against the mayors of competing teams.  This year Meeker has switched from offering up Carolina Brewing Company as his “Raleigh beer” and gone with Big Boss.  I consider this a good move on the part of our Mayor as Big Boss is actually brewed in Raleigh and Carolina Brewing Company is in Holly Springs.  Big Boss makes great beer as well. 

Should our Hurricanes fall to Pittsburgh, Meeker will offer up 10 lbs. of barbecue from The Pit along with a case of Big Boss Beer (I imagine Angry Angel Kolsch).  If our Canes triumph, Meeker will receive five pounds of Isaly’s chipped chopped ham, three dozen pierogies and a case of Iron City beer.   Fair bet?  I think Meeker’s offering is quite a bit better than Mayor Ravenstahl’s.

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Raleigh = Fastest growing metro area in US
and this…

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