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As summer turns to fall and the leaves fall on the lawn, two type of beer styles start to hit the shelves:  pumpkin ales and Octoberfests.  The former of the two are typically brewed by small craft brewers; however, some of the larger brewers also try their hand at the style.  For the Raleigh area, the best pumpkin ale you can get is Big Boss’s Harvest Time Spiced Pumpkin Ale.  Although some brewer’s only use pumpkin spice in their pumpkin ale, Big Boss uses real pumpkin as well as a blend of spices.  Though they do not reveal their blend of spices, it is likely something with some form of cinnamon, nutmeg, or allspice.

Look for an amber medium to full bodied ale with plenty of sweet maltiness along with pumpkin flavors matched well with spice and just enough bittering.

As far as packaging goes, Big Boss has some of the best.  The grim reaper theme goes well with pumpkins and the month of October and Halloween.

Six packs will be available in area stores soon.  You can also get it on draft at the tasting room.

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