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I haven’t posted in a while about the up and coming breweries in the area, but there is alot going on so I figured I would share some information.

First up, everyone should check out Fullsteam’s new endeavors with brewing beer with Kudzu.  Sean Wilson is researching the first beer brewed with Kudzu–an authentic NC beer–which to my knowledge will be the only truly authentic and original NC beer.  His research has even included helping to load a 504 bails of the dried plant.  You can check out the progress at the website http://www.fullsteam.ag/

Lonerider Beer has nixed their porter as a second year round and is researching a second year round offering for the area.  I sampled their brown ale as a possible second year round beer and was given a growler.   I will give it a formal review in a future post.  From the sample, I can say that it is a solid English style brown ale with enough East Kent Goldings to pair perfectly with the Marris Otter malt and lightly sweet chocolate flavors.  They didn’t skimp out on the malt which always makes for a great English Brown.  Though it is tasty, it would seem odd to try and put that on the market against Big Boss’  Bad Penny which already has such a foothold in the area.  They have plans to take open a tasting room at their brewery in the future.

Big Boss Brewing has already released their seasonal Harvest Time Pumpkin which can be sampled at the tasting room, bought in six packs (first time for a BB seasonal), or found in bars in the area.  I would expect Raleigh Times to have it as they usually keep a tap devoted to  BBC seasonals.   According to a forum posting, Brixx Pizza in Chapel Hill will also have this on tap through the fall.

Boylan Bridge Brewpub has started offering cask conditioned version of their beers from time to time.  They also have a summer seasonal and Scottish Ale as of late.

Natty Greene’s, the Greensboro Brewpub, will be opening a Raleigh Brewpub later this year.  Mike Morris, who is currently brewing at Big Boss will be the head brewer.  I have enjoyed every beer brewed by Mike at Big Boss and look forward to this great new addition to Raleigh.   The year round offerings will be sent from the Greensboro Brewpub while Morris will brew 5 seasonal offerings.

A new brewery distributed in the area–to those beer geeks that are aware–is the Scottish based brewer Brewdog.   You can now find their bottles of Punk IPA, Dogma (an herb spiced beer), Hardcore Double IPA, and Riptide Imperial Stout in single bombers.

On a final note, the 2009 Durham World Beer Festival will be held on October 3rd in the Historic Durham Athletic Park.  I look forward to a great event, helping with a NC distributor, and getting to see the many faces of craft beer in the area.  Cheers!

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There a neat little article at CNN.com which highlights great states and cities with great breweries.   Although the article does make it seem like Foothills Brewing is in Asheville (it is in Winston Salem), I find the closing quote a good summation of my own thoughts about great beer and why it is so interesting and worth the time and travel to seek out.

“Beer is a social drink, and beer people love to talk about the beer,” he said. “You can find a local or savvy visitor who can tell you about something you’ve never heard of, and that makes it a phenomenal experience.”

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If you live in NC, now would be a great time to write a letter to the Guvnah  Bev Purdue, your NC House Rep, and your NC State Senator about next years budget.  I wrote an email to each of the three and if you care about keeping the fledgling NC brewing industry alive and striving you should too.  Or, if you realize imposing taxes to influence choices over what a governor or legislator might call a “sin” is completely wrong then go ahead and make your voice heard. 

Daniel Bradford of All About Beer has summed things up in 5 points:

  1. Beer and wine lovers are not “sinners,” nor we did not cause the recession, and we should not be singled out as a solution.
  2. Many of the 100 North Carolina micro breweries and wineries could be put out of business with a tax increase.
  3. North Carolina has 6th highest beer tax in the country and the 16th highest on wine.
  4. North Carolina beer and wine taxes currently contributes close to $3 billion.
  5. North Carolina already generates more beverage tax than more populous New York state!

We currently pay more taxes for beer than almost all other states in our nation.  Please join the fight and make your voice heard doing three things:

1. Post a comment to Bev Purdue on the Governor’s website at: www.governor.state.nc.us  Just click on the contact us link and enter a comment with your thoughts on why the budget should not include a tax increase on beer.

2. Go to www.ncleg.net and find your local representatives through the search engine on the right column.  If you don’t know your full 8 digit zip, then look it up on the link below the search bar.  Then, write your representatives a letter.

3.  Finally, if you are lazy you can to go www.stopthencbeertax.com, fill in your info, and an automatic email will be sent on your behalf.

The NC House and Senate meet on Monday so this is prime time to let your thoughts be known.

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There is a new bill working its way through the NC legilation that will provide NC breweries the same rights that wineries have in promoting their product at special events in the state.   Wineries can provide samples to consumers at trade shows, conventions, festivals, shopping malls, agricultural festivals, balloon races, and local fund-raisers with the Winery Specialty Events Permit acquired through the ABC.  Breweries should be afforded these same rights. 

Permit Beer is an organization working to support this bill and offer breweries equal status in NC. 

There seems to be no one against this bill and Permit Beer deems it a “political non-issue.”  There is also no need contact legislators yet, but I am sure once it makes its way toward a vote, support would be appreciated.

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